If so it should be set at 100% and you control it (and the fans) through iCUE. Case fans with 3pin headers need "DC" to be able to ramp up/down. I have 2 200mm fan intakes, 2 200mm fans on top, a 140mm exhaust and a CPU cooler with 2 140mm fans. I have played with the system for a day of two and everything works as it should. I recently added two noctua fans in the bottom of my case. I entered my bios to confirm they were detected and working. An unofficial forum for discussion of ASRock products, news, BIOS updates, and troubleshooting. Now, it annoys me that I can hear it compared to before!I have pressed the Load default uefi setting and it still does it.All of the fans er set to standard. Download A-Tuning for free . AMD's Smart Access Memory: Nvidia equivalent possible? You can execute A-Tuning on Windows XP/7/8/10 32-bit. NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 457.30 WHQL Download & Discussion, Microsoft Eying DirectML as DLSS alternative on Xbox, MSI to release Suprim series GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Cards, Eight Models MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti sighted at the EEC, Review: Assassins Creed: Valhalla graphics performance benchmarks and analysis, Fine Utilise Power of RadeonPRO Software & SweetFX Part 2. Chassis Fan 2 setting - Standard Mode Chassis Fan 2 Temp Source - Monitor M/B. CHA_FAN1 /W_PUMP Switch - CHA_FAN1 Chassis FAN 1 Control Mode - Auto Chassis Fan 1 Setting - Standard Mode Chassis Fan 1 Temp Source - Monitor M/B. There's an option below Fantastic Tuning, I think it's just called Fan Tuning? Fan-Tastic Tuning Select a fan mode for CPU Fan 1, or choose Customize to set 5 CPU temperatures and assign a respective fan speed for each temperature. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. You need to set a fixed flat low speed until your CPU reaches 70c, then make them ramp up from 70c to 80c from that low speed to max speed. For my B450M Steel Legend is one callwd A-Tunning, that control all the fans and have a very broken system of cpu overclocking like ryzen master (the only option that might actually works is the offset voltage) for every Asrock mobo just go to the link page of your model and go to "Download" page in the support main page There are some other softwares to do this. I am running a Ryzen 5 2400G on a b450m pro4 board with 16gb 3200 ddr4 and a discrete rx580 8gb. Access one of the available utilities to check and optimize RAM, read humidity statistics and decrease the effect, control the lighting-relevant LED components, tune fan functioning, etc. I’ve managed to drop the idle sound as it was before. If you press that you can set your own fan curves. In OC DNA you have some motherboard information and the option to save up to three different user profiles. CPU temp at IDLE is 48C and Motherboard at 43C 4pin fans need "PWM". Better do all manually. © 2020 ASRock Inc. All rights reserved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 3950X | GTX 1080Ti | 64GB 3800 OC | X570 Aqua. Ever since I pressed that option I have noticed my PC generates more noise, even at idle! 5.0k members in the ASRock community. Just a case of you playing around with it until you get a setting you like. I advice against automatic detection, it can be a hit and miss. You can find 2 CPU fan headers + chassis fan on the top-right side. The actual developer of the free software is ASRock Incorporation. My FAN setting:CPU FAN 1 Setting - Standard mode, CHA_FAN1 /W_PUMP Switch - CHA_FAN1Chassis FAN 1 Control Mode - AutoChassis Fan 1 Setting - Standard ModeChassis Fan 1 Temp Source - Monitor M/B, Chassis Fan 2 setting - Standard ModeChassis Fan 2 Temp Source - Monitor M/B, CPU temp at IDLE is 48C and Motherboard at 43C. Fan control on the Asrock B550 Steel Legend can be accessed in the BIOS, or through A-Tuning in Windows. © 2020 TechSpot, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I assume it supports other motherboards. The ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility is designed to give the user with an ASRock motherboard more control over certain setting. Fan speed is controlled by temperature. A-Tuning is ASRock’s multi purpose software suite with a new interface, more new features and improved utilities, including XFast RAM, Dehumidifier, Good Night LED, FAN-Tastic Tuning, OC Tweaker and a whole lot more. Fan control on the Asrock B550 Steel Legend can be accessed in the BIOS, or through A-Tuning in Windows. Supports ASRock Full Spike Protection, A-Tuning, APP Shop, FAN-Tastic Tuning, UEFI Tech Service, USB Key This model may not be sold worldwide. You can download the F-Stream Tuning app from the ASROCK shop to experiment on your desktop, then when you have the curve you like, take a picture of it with your phone and go into bios and set it in there.


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